• 2004 Ford Territory

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  • Nov 2021
    The car is quite spacious and very simple to drive. It is quite thirsty on fuel but I guess it should be as the car runs smoothly also considering it's size. It's a really great car.
    —Esau S - 2004 Ford Territory TS AWD
  • Jan 2019
    It's pretty thirsty, but overall the space and comfort outweighs the fuel consumption. We needed a bigger car with space for kids and dogs and that suited us
    —Chantelle H - 2004 FORD TERRITORY GHIA
  • Jun 2018
    Nice truck that at this point works well, Just needs a few tweaks to satisfy my style
    —Mark R - 2004 Ford Territory GHIA AWD
  • Nov 2017
    The vehicle has far more storage space than we initially thought. very comfortable to drive and easy given its size.
    —John E - 2004 Ford Territory TS AWD